This is us

two cuties
Deana Mila
  • 10:24

  • 2448 gr

  • 47,5 cm

Dayana Neda
  • 10:26

  • 2282 gr

  • 45 cm

Month by Month

We are growing up so fast

Happy Eastern again!

Happy Eastern again

Celebrating Eastern for the second time at home

Meet & Greet Party

Meet & Greet Party

Throwing our first party to introduce ourselves

8 Months: Happy Eastern

8 Months

family gathering
8 Months

Piano lesson


Let's play!

7 Months: Photoshoot

7 Months

making pictures for our passports
7 Months

Dayana's first tooth (teeth)


Celebrating Carnaval


showing our owl outfit in the city

6 Months: First day at school

6 Months

so much fun! Met a lot of new baby friends....
6 Months

Veggie Purees tasting

Real meal

not so fun!

5 Months: Happy New Year!

5 Months

5 Months

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017


Winterland Maastricht


Enjoying our city in winter...

St Nicholas!

St Nicholas

presents are waiting at home, while we are on a trip

Illegal in Germany


first trip to Germany (Dusseldorf) without passport, we are so naughty!

4 Months: Exploring the boundaries

4 Months

preparing for our first trip outside the country...
4 Months

3 Months: Fitting our new jackets

3 Months

It's so cold outside...
3 Months

Surprise visit to Baki en Deda

Visiting Grandparents

After a long trip with the car, we made Baki en Deda very happy! We've celebrated grandpa's birthday...

2 Months: First sleepover at grandparants!

2 Months

Grandpa made a interesting toy for us. We learned to count: €5, €10...
2 Months

Our first Outlet Shopping with mummy!

First time outside: Shopping with mummy!

We've both found our favourite brands...

1 Month: First time out for lunch

1 Month

At our favourite sandwich bar 'Broodjesservice Jekerdal'
1 Month

Welcome home

Welcome home

presents waiting for us...

Hello World

0 Months

0 Months
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